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The average person checks their email fifteen times per day. As a result, email marketing is still the number one direct response vehicle online. Campaigns are incomplete without the email component.

What is Programmatic Email?

Florida Weekly Digital can create and deliver effective email campaigns to consumers based on shopping preferences, interests, demographics, psychographics, purchase history, location, household income, job title and more. 


To increase effectiveness and eliminate the potential of duplicating marketing efforts; Florida Weekly Digital can use the advertisers existing email database to scrub against the target list to guarantee the programmatic email will only be delivered to consumers not yet in the advertiser’s database.

What are the benefits of Programmatic Email Marketing?

Advertisers can include an enticing offer within the Programmatic Email to encourage clicks to their website to complete a form, contact the business directly or request driving directions. Requiring a form fill to receive a promotion offer is a great way to grow an advertiser’s email database. Consistently delivering these programmatic email campaigns to consumers that fit desired demographics will increase the likelihood of capturing contact information and leads from consumers who have and have not yet visited your business for remarketing purposes while also increasing overall brand awareness.

What makes Florida Weekly Digital Programmatic Email Campaigns Effective?

The data. Florida Weekly Digital has access to over 200,000,000 double opt-in email addresses as well as advanced technical solutions that guarantee increased delivery to target consumers email boxes. Programmatic Email Campaigns average a 12-15% open rate and a 1-3% click-through-rate.

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