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IP Targeting reaches people at an address level. Direct Mail has always been the preferred way of reaching specific list-oriented audiences. IP targeting allows a marketer to extend the reach, impact, and ROI of their address based marketing.

What is IP Targeting?

IP Targeting is a cookie-free way of reaching a consumer by matching their physical address with an IP address. The proprietary matching of a physical address to an IP address allows an advertiser to reach a target audience on a one-to-one basis. This method allows unique ability to monitor sales, return on ad spend, and more by matching those who were targeted with those who converted.

How are advertisers leveraging IP Targeting?

Many businesses have large databases of consumer addresses, by leveraging their own data paired with a campaign specific offer; advertisers are able to reengage their prospects and customers with a promotion or invitation to visit the business. Limiting the messaging to the provided physical addresses allows advertisers to calculate, with a high level of certainty, their return on investment.

Why chose Florida Weekly Digital for your IP Targeting?

Florida Weekly Digital has the highest quality address matching to an IP address in the industry by partnering with data providers to achieve quality results. Moreover, Florida Weekly Digital adheres to the regulated privacy and proprietary ownership of your data provided.

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