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With Florida Weekly Digital’s Over-The-Top TV Advertising a company can reach cord-cutting TV viewers that are not available with traditional TV commercials and those streaming content via personal devices.

What is Over-The-Top TV?

According to statistics, nearly all Americans aged 25-34 access TV content through the internet. It is estimated 55.1 million Americans will discontinue their television subscriptions, “cut the cord,” and replace it with internet-based streamed services. The impact translates into decreased reach for traditional television advertising. Over-The-Top TV, or OTT, is the solution. It allows advertisers to continue to deliver their same video commercial ad to consumers via their streaming services on all devices; mobile, tablet, computer and connected TV.

How are advertisers leveraging OTT?

Many Florida Weekly Digital advertisers continue to utilize traditional cable ads while also integrating OTT into the admix to increase their reach; particularly to the younger demographics more likely to consume TV content through a streamed service.

Why is Florida Weekly Digital the best partner for OTT TV?

Florida Weekly Digital has access to a robust quality inventory pool with available impression reach with popular TV content owners like A+E, Discovery, Fox, Scripps, and many others. Additionally, Florida Weekly Digital is plugged into premium distributors such as DirectTV, Pluto TV, Samba TV, and Sling TV. Florida Weekly Digital is in current works with Supply-Side Platforms to gain access to new and expanding inventory with Brightroll, Rubicon, SpotX, and more to guarantee maximum results for local marketers.

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