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Digital media continues to become more fractured as more media types go digital. Florida Weekly Digital’s Programmatic advertising solutions unify the fractured marketplace into a single platform, with a single user interface. This is modern digital marketing made easy.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a powerful way to place branded digital ads; stagnant or video; in front of those visiting your site, searching for products or services relevant to your business, consuming content related to your industry, and fitting a specific set of geographic and demographic guidelines.

What is the best way to leverage Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is a great way to create top-of-mind brand awareness for consumers that are in the market for products or services you offer. It is also an effective way to retarget those who have visited your website, searched for key phrases on popular search engines, and consumed applicable research-related content wherever they are online.

What makes Florida Weekly Digital the best partner for your digital campaigns?

The difference is in the data. (hyperlinked to a page all detailing in more depth the difference in our data). Florida Weekly Digital utilizes a Demand Side Platform consistently recognized as a top-rated resource for its high-quality traffic and execution capabilities. This allows for better optimization and scaling to create impactful targeted digital campaigns. Florida Weekly Digital guarantees 98%+ human (non-bot) traffic by using a blend of filters, focusing on site quality, page position, time of day and more to deliver the highest quality digital ad delivery and click-through traffic.


Reach your desired audience with promotional offers wherever they are consuming content online.


Retarget consumers that have visited your website or searched for products and services relevant to your business.


Increase online lead generation and brand awareness with top-of-mind visual digital advertising.

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