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Video Advertising is a fun and unique way to connect with a target audience. Many marketers have already made the investment in high quality video content and are seeking ways to creatively introduce that content to their target audience. Florida Weekly Digital’s Video Advertising solutions can help brands tell a story to the desired target audience in real time, at any time, anywhere in the world.

What is Programmatic Video Advertising?

Programmatic Video Advertising is often referred to as “Pre-Roll” video, describing :15 or :30 video ads that appear amongst popular online video content. Currently video accounts for an estimated 78% of the worlds mobile data traffic. Video content is consumed 3:1 on social platforms. Pre-roll or Programmatic Video ads run amidst the video content users engage with on social platforms, news sites, and the internet in general.

How do advertisers leverage Programmatic Video Advertising?

Video is the number one form of content consumption in the world. Leveraging an engaging :15 to :30 non-skippable ad has potential to increase reach, brand awareness, generate leads and conversions.


Many advertisers use existing television ads or create new ads specific to their Programmatic Video Advertising to extend their television reach into the video streaming space since that is how a vast majority of people spend their time online.

What makes Florida Weekly a successful Programmatic Video partner?

Florida Weekly Digital is plugged into twenty quality ad exchanges. Florida Weekly Digital has unparalleled ability to reach a narrow target market in a hyper-local geographical area all while providing an Omni channel optimization strategy that offers a better solution option than nearly any other professional service provider. Programmatic Video is a great solution for any business looking to reach the largest population of online consumers with the most impactful and engaging form of digital advertising.  

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