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There are three things you won’t leave your house without… Your phone, wallet, and keys. Mobile phones provide a unique view into user behaviors, frequently visited locations, home, and work habits, interests and much more.

What is Geo-Fencing / Device ID Targeting?

Advanced spatiotemporal mapping allows Florida Weekly Digital to target devices using their unique Device ID number seen at a specific physical address and associated surrounding areas as recent as five days ago and as far back as six months.


Florida Weekly Digital is able to serve those devices as well as all other devices with location services turned on residing at the same physical address as the owner of the targeted device display content. It is like direct mail via mobile or tablet device to consumers that have already frequented a location, business or event.

How are advertisers leveraging Device ID?

Advertisers are able to utilize this technology to directly serve display content to consumers that have frequented their business, competitor’s businesses, locations their desired target audience visit regularly, specific events, and beyond.

How do you measure effectiveness?

Advertisers will receive match back reporting indicating the number of devices that have visited their businesses for the first time since the beginning of the Device ID conquest campaign as well as those who revisit.

How does it work?

Your Florida Weekly Digital Strategist will work with you to identify 15-20 physical addresses of competitors and other relevant locations to target. Within three business days, the visitor Device ID data will be compiled into a report link to review together. From the data, the advertiser can identify opportunities to segment and deliver unique messages through display content across the consumers online browsing journey in an effort to drive new opportunities to their website and business.

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